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Bigg Boss Season 13 2019 Registration and Audition [UPDATE]

Bigg boss 13 registration
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bigg boss registration 2019

Bigg Boss, the popular TV Reality Show is Coming Soon…again.

Big Boss from last 13 Years Rocking the Entertainment Channel of Television.

Being Shown on Colors Channel.

Bigg Fan Base…Bigg Excitement…Bigg Entertainment.

Bigg Boss always been an Exciting and Funfilled Television Series. Reality Show of Current Age.

In this article, we will tell you about the complete process of Audition and Registration process.

Bigg Boss season 13 registration 2019

bigg boss registration 2019

Sources says, Bigg Boss 13 premiere is scheduled in September 2019.

Finale will be in January 2020.

This time, there are some changes in the Bigg Boss House.

The location of the “Bigg Boss” house will change from Lonavala to Mumbai this time. For Your information, for the last 7-8 years, the house was in Lonavala. But, This time, as some sources say, It will be shot in Film City, Goregaon in Mumbai.

Bigg Boss 13 Eligibility Criteria

There are also some changes in the Number of Housemates.

Last year it was 20. But this year, as some sources says, the number of housemates will be 16.

“Bigg Boss”, was started in 2006. It is an Indian version of an international reality show- “Big Brother”.

Looking the popularity, In India, it now has Bengali, Kannada, Marathi and Tamil versions too.

Like previous years, this time, too, Bigg Boss Host will be Salman Khan again.

So, get ready for the upcoming fun-filled and exciting journey of Bigg Boss 13.

What is Audition Process?

What is Registration Process?

What is Eligibility Criteria?

Let us start to know…one by one.

Bigg Boss 13 Audition Date and Details 

Here we will tell you in details, complete Audition and registration process for Bigg Boss 13.

Sources says that Auditions may start any day between June 2019 to August 2019.

You can apply for Bigg Boss 13 audition and register your details online.

Voot Platform you can use.

There are two ways, you can apply:

  1. Through their website
  2. Through mobile App.

Congrats in advance if you got selected for audition. And all the best for it.

Bigg Boss 13 Eligibility Criteria.

Read this section carefully. This section will explain to you about eligibility criteria for applying for Bigg Boss season 13 Eligibility Criteria.

Please read point by point carefully.

  1. Contestant must be of age 18 (eighteen) or above as per Bigg Boss Guideline.
  2. Contestant must be an Indian Citizen Only…ie resident of India. To be eligible to apply for Bigg Boss.
  3. The contestant can apply as Single. Though not sure 100%. As Bigg Boss may come up with a new theme this time. Anything can happen, at the last moment. It’s surprising.
  4. The contestant can participate if he/she has following necessary documents that are required to participate in Audition for Bigg Boss season 13:
  • Adhaar Card
  • Permanent Account number (PAN Card)
  • Driving License (If available)
  • Voter ID Card
  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport (If available)
  • Other Government Certificates (If available)

If you have the above documents, you are ready to apply for Bigg Boss season 13 Audition.

Now we will tell you the process.


There are two ways to apply for audition, for common people quota. I will share you both.

You can apply for Bigg Boss 13 Audition through laptop/desktop also…and also from Mobile Phones.

Here we will tell you the online process for same.

If you follow all the steps you can be successful in applying online for registration for audition for Bigg Boss 13.

You have to follow the steps properly.

If done properly, you will be successful.

Here is the step by step process:

  1. Download Voot App in Your Mobile Phone.
  2. You can also register through Voot Website.
  3. Enter your details in Online Registration Form.
  4. Upload your Audition Video in Website or App Properly and complete.
  5. Ensure upload is complete. Please confirm the same.
  6. The length of the Video must be around 3 minutes. Do not make video more lengthy, as it will get rejected by Bigg Boss Team.
  7. The topic of the video must be around the introduction of the contestant like date of birth, birthplace, hobbies, personality, what you want to do, your dream, etc…
  8. Make sure your video size must be below 50MB. If it is of higher size, compress it using some software available on the internet. If facing difficulty, contact us. We will help you.
  9. Follow all the process. Fill all the details.
  10. Follow all the terms and conditions are written on the official website of Bigg Boss.
  11. After completing all the process mentioned above, you can Submit the application for Bigg Boss Season 13.

registration process through Mobile Phone.

This below section will explain you, step by step process, for applying through MOBILE PHONE, for common people.

Step1: Download Voot App: Android/iOS.

Step2: Open the App. Click on the icon of Top Left Side.

Step3: Click on “Bigg Boss Auditions”.

Step4: Now you will see a form, you have to fill it.

Step5: Fill all the details like Name, date of birth, Place, Male/Female, Nationality, Your Hobby etc…

Step6: After filling all the details. Check Again for any spelling mistakes.

Step7: If all details are filled and Ok. Click on SUBMIT BUTTON.

Now, you have completed all the steps. Now, you have just to wait, whether your registration application got selected or not by Bigg Boss 13 Team.

Here are some of the doubts you may have in your mind about bigg boss registration 2019.

Question: What is the Last date of Bigg Boss 13 Audition?

Answer: The Exact Date Still not confirmed.

We will keep updating our record, whenever we get any official updates regarding the last date of Bigg Boss 13 audition.


Question: What should be the minimum age of applying for Bigg Boss 13?

Answer: Age must be 18 or more.


Question: What type of video is required for Bigg Boss Audition  Process?

Answer: The Video must be entertaining and should show your real talent so that you can get selected.


Question: What should be the maximum size of the Video?

Answer: The video size should be maximum 50MB. Not more than that.


We will keep you update about Bigg Boss 13 and more auditions details in future get in touch with auditionfever.

Good Luck.



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